Monday, April 21, 2014

Sooooo, a few days ago I launched Operation Get 'Er Done in an attempt to get out of my head and into action! Well, today, is the official launch, the straight up brand new re-opening of this new initiative! With the Easter holiday, there was much to do, places to be and lots of reflecting and thanksgiving going on so I thought it would be best to start fresh TODAY! I even heard from some of you (ok, one of you) saying that you planned to join me on this quest to get things done starting Monday, so Monday is here! Let's go!!!

Here's a breakdown of what we're doing.
1. Make a list of things you've been putting off or of things that you know need to get done.
    These tasks can include things like taking clothes to Goodwill, cleaning your blinds, or
    updating some pictures in your home. Really, no task is too small.

2.  Decide on 3 things that you can accomplish in 2 days time! I wouldn't suggest you try to
     clean out 3 closets in 2 days, unless your closets are already relatively organized.

3. Really try to complete the tasks you commit to doing. We sometimes give our best to
    others like our regular 9 to 5, but that same determination that lives with you at work lives
    with you at home too, if you want it to!

4.  After the 2nd day and you've completed your 3 tasks, move on to 3 new tasks to be
      completed in 2 days time as well.

5. There will be five installments of this so 15 tasks can be completed and off our minds and 
     to do lists!

My first 3 tasks will be cleaning out my inbox, cleaning out my daughters closet, and going through this growing pile of magazines I have by the couch!

Alright...will there be one? Who is going to make this work for them? Tweak it as you need to...but who's in???

Thanks for reading!

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