Wednesday, April 23, 2014

If you read this post, you know that my 3 tasks were to clean out my daughters closet, go through my pile of magazines, and go through my email inbox. Here's a quick recap...

Magazines:  I had to allow myself not to worry about the ones from 2013. Really, I wanted to keep them all simply because I hadn't read them and didn't want to miss anything. This, of course, is a recipe for continued clutter especially since the magazines keep coming in and I'm not making time to read them. If you're thinking I should evaluate the magazine subscriptions I have, you're right and I will....soon. :)

Daughter's Closet: Cleaning out and organizing my daughter's closet really needed to be done! As you can probably imagine, I had ALL of her clothes stored in there just in case... I removed the clothes that she can no longer wear and organized her current pieces. Opening her closet each day has been refreshing and I'm so glad I made time to do it!

Inbox: Y'all, my inbox was out of control! I was getting emails from every company you can imagine from Lowe's Home Improvement, Levi, and Big Lots! I mean really, who gets emails from Big Lots and why? I've also realized that part of the problem is that I often open an email and plan to act on it later. Whether it's sending a reply, writing something down, or looking something up...I'll keep it in my inbox to deal with later. This creates a perpetual email issue in that I'm setting myself up to read, re-read, and then act. I should act as soon as I open an email and delete it once I'm done. How do you handle your inbox?

So, how'd you do? What tasks did you get done or what do you plan to do?

My next 3 tasks are sorting clothes to donate, sell, or give away, reading my magazines, and taking clothes to Goodwill!

Thanks for reading!

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