Friday, April 18, 2014

*Easter Chick*
1. Trace and cut out your child's hands.
2. Cut out an oval-ish shape for the body.
3. Cut out strips of paper for the legs.
4. Cut out a triangle for the beak.
5. Attach all body parts to the chick and add googley eyes or draw some!

*Easter Bunny*
1. Cut out a circle-ish shape for the bunny's face.
2. Cut out ears.
3. Attach ears to the bunny's head.
4. Dip cotton balls in glue and attach all over bunny's face.
5. Create a face on the bunny using whatever materials you'd like! We tried drawing the mouth and whiskers but quickly realized that it's difficult to use marker on cotton! So, we used construction paper to create the face and then just added googley eyes. You could also use pipe cleaners.


*Paper Egg*
1. Cut out an oval-ish shape.
2. Decorate the egg however you'd like! We have made hand prints in the middle and then used thumb prints to decorate the edge of the egg. You can paint it, color it, or sticker it! Cut out several eggs and decorate each one differently.

*Egg Activities* ...for hard boiled eggs
Dying eggs is the classic Easter egg tradition, but there are a few other ways to hook up a hard boiled egg that you may want to consider!
1. Use stickers! We did this last year with some 3D Easter stickers. Cute!
2. Cut up small squares of tissue paper and apply to the egg with Mod Podge.
3. Color them with markers. And if you have a stencil or two, you can get very creative! Try it!

*Egg Activities* ...for plastic eggs
1. Easter egg hunt outdoors.
2. Easter egg hunt indoors! We do this every year and love it!
3. Hide puzzle pieces in the eggs instead of candy. Once all the eggs are found, put the puzzle 
4. Make word family practice activities by writing, for example, "at" on the bottom of the egg and
    then on the top, write, "f, h, c" etc. As the top of the egg is twisted, a new word is reviewed!
5. Resurrection Eggs! I'm most excited about these for obvious reasons!

As you celebrate Easter with the little people in your life, be sure to stress the reason behind all of this, behind everything. We love because He first loved us!

Happy Easter!

Thanks for reading!

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