Thursday, April 17, 2014

I been thinking,  I been thinking...

Did you catch that? Think BeyoncĂ© (Drunk in Love) so just in case you missed it the first time, here it is again.

I been thinking, I been thinking...

And unfortunately, that's about all I've been doing! I find myself feeling stuck, spinning my wheels, making little to no progress and just overall not getting things done the way I'd like to. This feeling is like most things in life in that one area often mirrors and affects other areas as well. I feel stuck with my weight loss, stuck with my home organization, stuck with business planning, etc. I feel like I need a little boost...a little something to encourage me to kick it up a notch and accomplish things that have been on my to do list or in my mind for far too long! After all, it's April, which means a quarter of the year is gone and I gots things to do!!!

So, to spring into Spring {yes, I realize that the first day of Spring was weeks ago...forgive me...I been thinking!} I've decided to create a mini challenge for myself! I thought of doing another purging series, but opted not to. I definitely have purging that can still be done, but I also have projects and tasks that just need some attention.

Enter Operation Get 'Er Done!!!

Here's the plan: I'm going to write down all the things that I'd like to do or that I know need to get done like cleaning out my inbox, purging bill file folders, taking bags to Good Will, and organizing pictures just to name a few. Because many of my tasks don't require lots of time, I'm challenging myself to accomplish 3 things every 2 days. On that second day, I'll look at my list and select 3 more things that I need to do in 2 days time. Make sense? So, today is Thursday which means that by Saturday, I should have accomplished 3 things that I've been putting off forever and a day.

And remember, these tasks can be as small as putting things in the attic or updating your address book. Your projects... your tasks... just make sure you get 'er done!!!

There will be 5 installments of this series and I'll check back in once to share my progress and to keep me accountable.

Who's in?  Tweak this to fit your schedule. Maybe you won't start until Monday or maybe you'll do one area a day. If you feel stuck, this challenge just might help you get going in the right direction!

 Thanks for reading!

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