Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I've been told that I have a slight container/ basket problem. Like... I buy them too frequently and use them too much around the house. I don't know that these statements are true, but heres what I do know: A good container and/or basket is a great way to organize your home and keep things neat and cute at the same time. Keep reading for 8 ways I use baskets and containers to stay organized!

1.  Remote controls
So...we have a Wii, DVD player, TV, and cable box remote to keep up with and this little basket does the trick. Until we consolidate our remotes, this basket helps keep them neat and most importantly, all in one place!

Basket from Michaels
2.  Toliet tissue
I think this basket looks so cute on the back of our toilets! No more fumbling under the sink when you need a new roll, it's right there...behind you!

Basket from Target.

I keep this basket in the linen closet. Basket from Target.
3.  Library books
We have a ton of books, so after our weekly trips to the library, it's important that we have a system to keep our personal books and library books separate. We keep this basket on the floor and fill it with our library books and keep our personal books on bookshelves. The basket on the floor makes it easy for my children to plop down and grab several out and then easily return them to the basket for quick clean up!

Basket from Target.
4.  First Aid
With two small children, someone always needs a Band-Aid and while it can be a pain sometimes, it's also pretty neat how a Band-Aid and hug can cure just about anything! I have a two-story house so for a while, I found myself having to run upstairs to get some A&D or Ibuprofen or a Band-Aid, but now that I keep all essential first aid items in our hall closets both upstairs AND downstairs, it's been so much easier to make boo-boo's feel better.

Basket from Target.
Container from Target.

A little jar for cotton ball and Q-tips.
5.  Cleaning supplies
Having a bottle of Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Comet, Lysol, etc. loose under the sink or in the closet can look so much neater when corralled in a cute little container. My ultimate goal is to make my own all-natural universal cleaner which would eliminate many of these cleaning supplies in the first place, but until then, I like my containers. I use these in my hallway closet, under the bathroom and kitchen sinks, and in the laundry room.

Container from Dollar Tree.
6.  Photobox for sandals
So....technically a photobox is a box and not a container or basket, but I just had to include this one. I randomly thought to see if my big size 10/ 11 flat sandals could fit inside one of these and I was pleasantly surprised! I am able to store about 5 pairs of sandals in these boxes which make my closets much neater and my sandals organized and easy to find! Yes!

All sandals are from Target. Photobox from Michaels.
7.  Hair supplies
Mothers of daughters probably already do this, but just in case there's one who hasn't thought of this, it's a must! At some point, your life will overrun with hair bows, rubberbands, barretts, headbands, etc. and you'll need a nice and neat way to not only organize them, but also be able to find them when you need to. These divided containers are the best and stow away perfectly in the top drawer of my daughter's dresser.

Container from Michaels.
8.  Batteries
If you're a parent, you've likely fallen into the battery trap thanks to toys that constantly need batteries to be replaced. I love this container which I got from Michael's because I can quickly find the right sized battery and a quick glance reminds me of which size I need to stock up on. Plus, the handle makes it easy to carry for when you have 5 trains, a walking dinosaur, a singing doll, and drums that need new batteries at the same time!

Container from Michaels.
This is not a complete list, but these are the 8 ways containers help me stay organized on a daily basis. I have containers in my coat closet to help store hats and gloves, as well as in the playroom and in my pantry. I would love to hear how you use baskets and containers in your home. They're so versatile, you have to love them!

Thanks for reading!

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