Monday, March 10, 2014

Disclaimer: Please know that I know I am NOT a fashionista. People don’t ask me for clothing advice and many days, my outfits are not hot. I look for comfort first and then pieces that match my age and body type.
Whew! Now that you know that, here are some of my current favorite pieces... for this time of year!

                                                      Puffer Vest
Wrinkled? Yes. Does that stop me? No.
Can I just say how much I L.O.V.E. my puffer vests! OK….I LOVE MY VESTS {I have 2 and hopefully I can add more to my collection}! Originally, I was very hesitant on purchasing this type of vest because I thought it would make me look…puffy, or just “swoll up” in general, but it doesn’t. At least I don’t think it does. It’s a great completer piece to an outfit and is perfect for those in between days when the weather is nice outside, but still a tad chilly. People who see me regularly can attest to the fact that I, along with my children, get plenty of wear out of our puffer vests. Do you have one?
                                                  Denim Leggings
I was really anti leggings for a while. I just couldn’t handle the thought of wearing stretch pants…that you would sleep or work out in, out in public as your main outfit bottom. Especially if you had ANY junk in the trunk… {Booty Booty Booty Booty rocking everywhere!! …can be very overwhelming, LOL} My sisters put me on to how you can actually dress up leggings with a long tunic style or high-low top and nice boots. One of my sisters got me my first pair of black leggings a few months back and I’ve been wearing leggings weekly ever since. But... I branched out from the black ones and my true legging love belong to the Vera Wang denim leggings. Denim {think dark denim not pajama jean style} looks nice with a variety of colors and tops and are a great alternative to your standard black. Do you have some? Get some.

                                                     Bucket Tote

I’m not sure if this is the official name for this bag/purse, but you need one of these in your life if you tend to carry a lot of “stuff” when you’re out and about. My bag doubles as a diaper bag and suitcase because I can literally throw tons and tons of things in it as I’m on the way out the door. You know those puffer vests I described? I was able to stuff my son’s vest in my bag one morning while he was at football practice instead of having to carry it around in my already full hands. And…I love this bag because it has a longer handle that allows me to carry it cross body so I can still be hands free. With a toddler and preschooler always in tow, this is imperative for me! Now, I need to get my hands on that LV tote bag but until then, this JLo version will have to do!

                               Stretch, Mid-Rise, Long Skinny Jeans

Notice all those adjectives! Perhaps the most important one is MID-RISE!!! Once upon a time, I wore low or {gasp} super low skinny jeans that came in junior sizes. Then, things changed and bending over became a disaster each and every time. Finally, 2 kids later, I’m officially over it and will only purchase jeans labeled as mid-rise! Additionally, the stretch factor is highly important to me when picking jeans. I don’t  want my jeans to stretch completely out after wearing for a few hours, but I don’t want them so stiff that they’re uncomfortable. I’ve been satisfied with these jeans from Old Navy because they are really long {this is important for those in the 5’9” and up club}, nice stretch, mid-rise, cost effective, and the little rips bring a little trendiness. Please tell me where you get your favorite jeans from?

What are your favorite pieces for this time of year? Please leave a comment below!

By the way, the puffer vests and denim leggings that I own are no longer available...otherwise, I would have provided a link. If you know of where to find either, please share!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Awwww! No puff vest! No leggings! No bucket tote...but my all time favorite jeans are from NY&CO. The curvy, skinny jeans. Soooooo comfy! I want a puff vest though...can you take pics with these pieces please?

  2. Hey! LOL, you know...I thought about posting pics of me wearing these pieces, but quickly changed my mind! Next time though! Thanks for the tip about those jeans! I'll be looking for them! Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. I actually have 2 puffer vests. I love them! They are pink and green so I do not wear them often because they don't go with everything, but definitely a must have for the fall/winter season. I also have a couple pair of leggings. I have a denim pair and a basic black pair. I have completely worn them both out! They are sooo comfy! I saw a variety of colors when I was in JCP the other day, so I can't wait to spring clean my closet and add some of those to my collection. I saw your tote when we were at the circus last weekend. Really cute! Definitely serves multiple purposes & great for moms. Ok lastly the jeans.....I am obsessed with jeans that have the worn look (smh not sure what the actual name is). They are so hip & trendy. They make me feel like the young girl that I am (as I clear my throat!). Enjoyed your post

    1. Yay! It's nice to know that someone is on a similar path with clothes! I'm looking forward to the florals and light colors for spring! :) Thanks for commenting!