Thursday, March 13, 2014

Five Green Activities for St. Patrick's Day Fun
I'm skipping the talk about rainbows and leprechauns this year and just doing "green" activities for St. Patrick's Day. Below are five different activities you can prepare this weekend to do on Monday with the children in your life! Interested? Keep reading!

Make and decorate sugar cookies
This is a classic activity that can be done at any time for any reason with children...and they always seem to love it! We'll jazz things up a bit by using green icing and shamrock cookie cutters!

Green playdough
I've shared this simple homemade playdough recipe before here so if you missed it, be sure to check it out. We'll use the shamrock cookie cutters, cut up straws, and googly eyes to get creative with our playdough play. The great thing about playdough is that once you get the children going with it, they can usually play alone for a while. And of course you never want them to eat playdough, but it they sneak a small piece from this recipe, you don't have to be worried since you know all the ingredients are safe and eatable.

Green sand writing
Get some green sand (I got mine from Michael's) and fill a box top, cookie sheet, cake pan or other flat object with sides with sand. Allow your child to write; forming letters and/or numbers in the sand. Give the box top a quick shake to erase and write some more. This is a great way to review and practice sight words too!

Gold Dig
I generally don't like creating messes for myself, but this is one of those times where you have to do for the kids! Fill a clear bowl with shaving cream and add green food coloring. Mix in some gold coins and allow the children to search for the coins in the shaving cream. Seems unappealing to most adults but I bet your child would love it!

Green art station
Pull out every green writing utensil, paint, etc. that you have and let your child create his/her own masterpiece. Have different sizes and styles of paper if possible. I plan to unroll this brown wrapping paper. You could even use the plain side of a brown paper bag. If you're going to use paint, don't forget to throw out some Q-tips alongside the paint brushes for more variety!

Feeling any of these green activities? What will you do with your child on St. Patrick's Day?

By the way, I don't know your relationship with St. Patrick's Day or whether or not you regard it as a "holiday to be celebrated." Either way, childhood is SOOOOO TEMPORARY and I want to encourage the moms that might be reading to never miss an opportunity to make a memory, make a mess, and work along  side your child. I have a feeling that once they're older, you'll wish you "played" a little bit more. One day, they'll laugh at you if you even mention a gold dig! Enjoy it while you can. Nothing lasts forever!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Awww! These are great activities! You are such an amazing mom! I cannot wait to be able to do these with my baby when she gets a little older! All wonderful ideas!