Thursday, February 13, 2014

So, I feel like I've been pretty busy this Valentine's Day season (can I say that...Valentine's Day season?) completing my various 14 day challenges. Yet and still, I wanted to make time to do at least one or two super simple Valentine's Day crafts. I had these lofty plans in my mind to complete all these fun activities, but...well, it just didn't happen. There are still a few activities I plan to do tomorrow, but as far as crafts go, we kept it real simple.

Heart Man/ Girl
I used construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, googley eyes, and a foam heart sticker to make this "heart person." Simply cut out one large heart for the body and 4 smaller hearts for the hands and feet. Cut out 4 strips of paper and fold accordion style to make the arms and legs. Make a face with whatever supplies you have and... there you have it!

 My children LOVE their heart person! Really...they are treating it like a new toy!

Foam Sticker Heart
I drew a heart on a piece of white cardstock and allowed my kids to use foam stickers to outline the heart. This is simple and effective in more ways than one because it also develops fine motor skills.

What Valentine's Day crafts did you or do you plan to do? If your children are in daycare or school, did they bring home any neat crafts? I know there are some very unique and creative ones out there!

Thanks for reading!