Thursday, February 6, 2014

21 Day Gentleness Challenge

I described in this post how my default mode is not one that I'm always proud of. Starting on Friday, February 7, I'll be taking deliberate strides to change the Default Me by specifically working on being gentle. Here's my non-dictionary definition of gentle:

Gentle: to employ empathy in dealing with people; to restrain my tongue to ensure my words are kind and helpful, not short or hurtful; to give my full attention offering direct eye contact and physical touches of reassurance; to treat others the way I'd want to be treated... Essentially, being kind and loving...even when you don't feel like it!

A bit of a long definition I know, but this is what I want to improve on and what my focus will be for the remainder of the month. {Hopefully after the month, I'll have adopted some new habits that I can maintain and continue to improve upon thereafter.}

"Being more gentle" can be a bit vague because even with a definition, how do you accomplish it in regular, day to day actions? What does it look like?

Getting Started Guidelines

1. Start each day with a 6 second hug for everyone. {I read somewhere that 6 seconds is a good length of time for a hug...I really did read this some where...}

2. Speak in a soft tone.
            *be sure to make eye contact with the person with whom I am speaking...this means
              no yelling from the other room
           *Keep a level voice. I'm not sure if "level" is the best word here, but I want a voice that 
             doesn't get too loud when frustrated or too high pitched when annoyed...level voice.

3. One on one connection with everyone each day indulging in what they want to do...within 
     limits and reason, of course. I feel like just a few minutes can make a big difference. I'm
     not even going to go into the excuse of not having time...I'll  make it happen.

Fast Tips on Being Gentle
1. whisper when you want to yell
2. hug when you want to reach out and "touch someone"
3. 2 ears, 1 mouth...use accordingly
4. do the kind thing, even if you don't feel like it

What are your tips for being gentle in your dealings with people? I'd love to read them in the comments! Are you usually a gentle person or do you know someone who is?

Thanks for reading! :)
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  1. This is another great post!!!! I definitely would not call myself the most gentle person in the world but after reading this blog I will make strides to becoming more gentle. I always say that I try to treat people the way I want to be treated but there are times that I don't ,that's why I love your blog because it helps me get back on track to being the best person I can be.

  2. Awwwwww, thank you! We are all works in progress! :)

  3. Smiling helps me feel gentle! Lol. When they are getting on my nerves! When I want them to shut up! When I'm annoyed...I just smile! Lol works great at work. Great post! But, you're always gentle!

    1. Oh yeah, smiling....that's a really, really good one! I'll definitely have to remember to do that!!! Thanks for commenting! :) I don't think I'm always gentle, lol! I can do better!!