Friday, February 28, 2014

Month 5: Mission 5:  Pushing Past my Feelings

Although I haven't actually read it anywhere, I know that this month's mission must be included on some list of "top things that all successful people do." Even knowing and believing this, sometimes, many times, it's hard for me to move past what I feel and DO what should be done. And I'm not talking about doing those things that you were going to do anyway. I'm talking about the things that you know you should do, but you just don't feel like doing and don't do them, or you keep putting them off, or you get on Facebook or Instagram {ahem} to avoid doing them. Can anyone relate to this? I know I'm not alone.

For me, the list of things that I put off because "I don't feel like it" vary from washing the dishes at night before going upstairs, lesson planning the night before, researching and learning about something that I actually want to understand, to finally completing a decluttering project. I described here how I can be a forgetful quitter {not a good look} and I think this trait, the one that doesn't push past "my feelings" won't help me be the best I can be either. Sigh. #mustdobetter

One thing that I've started doing at night is telling myself, "Just do one more thing." That one more thing could be responding to an email, folding a load of clothes, reading, or researching something on the computer. And I'll be doing just one more thing, I not only feel a bit more accomplished, but I'm also better prepared for the next day.

I told you here how I use Instgram {mostly} as a source of inspiration by following positive people. When Dave Ramsey, the financial guru, posted the pic below, it was affirmation that doing the right thing, the next thing, even when you don't feel like it, is what separates the ordinary from matters and it makes a difference!


Does this hit home for anyone! We've all heard that phrase: never put off for tomorrow what you can do today, but how many of us follow it regularly? And what makes me love this quote even more is that it applies to EVERYTHING from exercising, to forgiving someone, to offering a hug and smile {when you really want to have an attitude} to cleaning your home.

What are your tips for pushing past your feelings? Do you struggle with doing what you know you should do and what you feel like doing?

Thanks for reading!

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