Friday, November 22, 2013

You know I enjoy a good, simple craft so here are a few Thanksgiving ones you can do with the children in your life!

Pre-reading:  Right before we did each of these crafts, we read a simple Thanksgiving book that discussed why we have Thanksgiving…. the Pilgrims leaving England, the Mayflower, Native Americans {Squanto}, etc.

Craft #1:  Corn

Supplies:  Yellow and green paper


                   Glue or tape


After cutting a very rough shape of corn with the yellow paper and the ears with the green, glue the ears to the corn and allow children to use their thumb to make thumbprints on the corn.

Craft #2:  Paper Bag Turkey

Supplies:  Brown lunch bags

                   Colored paper {yellow, red, white,  orange}

                   Black marker


Create a face on the flap of the bag by cutting out eyes, a nose {beak}, and a gobbler {real name for it: snood}. Use the black marker to draw the eye balls. Use the colored paper to cut out feathers to add to the back of the bag.

By the way, your turkey can have eye lashes and/ or a mustache!

Craft #3:  Pilgrim Hat

Supplies:  Black paper

                  White paper

                   Yellow/ gold paper


Cut off a strip of black paper to use as the brim of the hat. Using the white and yellow paper, make a buckle.
Craft #4:  Family Thankful Tree

Supplies:  Colored paper


                   Brown paper bag

                   Label {print here}
                  Traced hands
I created a tree trunk by cutting a brown paper bag in half. Then, I taped the halves together and placed the label on top. Next, trace and cut out several “hands” for each person in your family. Use a hand and allow each person to say and write one thing they are thankful for. Place each hand on the wall! I cut out several hands for each member of my family so we can do this for many nights leading up to Thanksgiving!

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  1. Omgoodness! That thankful tree is sooooooo cute! I wish I would have seen this sooner!