Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Today, I just want to take a moment to say thank you to my readers! I am soooooo grateful for each person who takes the time to read my posts and comment, either on the blog itself, through personal conversation, and/ or via text. The world is saturated with written information in books, blogs, and all sorts of other publications. So, checking out I’m Mom Me means that you’re reading this blog instead of something else {in that moment} and that makes me happy! Thank you!

Even though my blog is still very new, I am really enjoying this new experience! My actual writing and posting can’t keep up with the many, many ideas that I want to share. In addition to sharing ideas, I also want to delve into topics that promote discussion and growth. We all have so much to offer.

Blogging is like anything else we might do, in that every now and then, we’d like to know that someone sees and appreciates what we do, even if we do it voluntarily. When my friend sent me a picture of what she was able to do with her family based on what I shared on my blog, my heart melted. Talk about feeling warm and fuzzy! So, in addition to sharing that picture below, today, I just wanted to say...THANK YOU! I’ll be back tomorrow soon with new stuff!
She decided to use her thankful tree and turkeys as door d├ęcor in lieu of a wreath! I think that's a great idea!