Saturday, September 28, 2013

For the fifth and final day of 5 Days of Fall, I’ll be sharing some super simple crafts to do with any children in your life. The web abounds with craft activities to do with children, but I wanted the ones I shared to be really, really easy. The kind that don’t involve spending $50 at Michael’s and buying extra supplies like wire cutters, fabric paint, and foam brushes. Now, don’t get me wrong, those crafts are fun, but I wanted these to be basic.

Supplies Needed

*Computer and Printer (to print a coloring page and leaf letters)
*White printer paper
*Leaves from outside
*Children’s paint (optional but recommended)
*Q-tips (optional but recommended)
*Blank canvas (optional)
*Brown construction paper (optional)

Craft Activity #1
Do a simple coloring page and begin a discussion about Fall, Fall colors, what happens in Fall, etc.
You can print this Fall coloring page.

Craft Activity #2
Leaf rubbing. Get a leaf or 2 from outside and place it under your white computer paper with the veiny side of the leaf facing the paper. Using a crayon (on its side) color over the leaf to reveal an outline of the leaf.

Craft Activity #3
Fall leaves are falling down. Take a piece of white paper and draw a tree trunk or use brown construction paper to cut one out. Once the trunk is on the paper, make some branches. Have the child use Q-tips to paint dots/ leaves in Fall colors falling from the tree.

Craft Activity #4
Fall canvas art. Using a blank canvas, give your child a paint brush and allow him/her to create a masterpiece using Fall colors. No canvas? Just use white paper.

Craft Activity #5
Leaf letters. There are many things you can do with these leaf letters. You can create your own by cutting out the outline of a leaf and writing a letter on the leaf. You can create a leaf for each letter of the child’s name or you can use another word like Fall or Autumn. Once you have all the leaf letters, you can hole punch the top of each letter and string together to create garland or bunting effect. You can also leave the letters apart and talk about one letter a day by writing other words your child knows on the back that start with that same letter. For example, if the letter is “C”, you could pronounce the C sound and then write the word cup on the back. These could also be used like flashcards. The possibilities and variations obviously depend on the age of the child. The activities I described are with at least a 1 year old in mind, but of course it’s never too early to talk to a child! Adapt up or down as needed!

Below are leaf letters like those used in the above picture.

Leaf Letters A-B
Leaf Letters C-D
Leaf Letters E-F
Leaf Letters G-H
Leaf Letters I-J
Leaf Letters K-L
Leaf Letters M-N
Leaf Letters O-P
Leaf Letters Q-R
Leaf Letters S-T
Leaf Letters U-V
Leaf Letters W-X
Leaf Letters Y-Z

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to share any Fall crafts you enjoy…for children or adults!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. This is very creative and I love how it is cost friendly...I have always loved arts and crafts ....I'll have to try these with my nieces and nephew ;-)