Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hello! I hope at least some of these Fall tips I've shared this week have helped encourage you to be intentional in welcoming in this new season. It won’t last long so enjoy it while you can. Today, I’m sharing fun Fall traditions to do with friends and family.


1.      Attend a football game. Be it NFL (you’re lucky if you get to do this), college, or high school, football games can be fun to check out, even if just for a half. The half-time show, be it a special performance, a marching band, and/or flag twirlers should provide entertainment for people of all ages.
2.    Enjoy the scenery. So, thinking of Fall always makes me think of the spectacular display of leaves once they’ve changed colors. Absolutely breathtaking. Find a location with lots of foliage and take a drive or walk through this area with the sole purpose to fully take in all the wonders of nature.
3.     Find a local Fall activity in your area. Pretty much every city and town does some type of Fall Festival, Harvest Festival, or Fall Fair or carnival. Even if it’s not officially through your city or town, most schools and/or community centers have some type of annual Fall event. Look for one that suits you and your friends and family and make an effort to attend.

4.    Do some treating. Halloween can be controversial and it’s something many people don’t “believe in” or support. So while trick or treating may or may not be your thing, there are many other ways to fellowship and have fun around October 31st. Look for church activities that encourage families to come out or get your costume ready and do some trick or treating, the old school way!

5.     Make hot chocolate or apple cider. I’m not sure what beverages speak of Fall more than these two. Now that your living room is all decorated and clean, make some hot chocolate or apple cider and make it a movie night! Doesn’t that sound fun!?!

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