Monday, January 6, 2014

I came across an article online a few years back describing how a church created “blessing bags” to distribute to those in need. They filled baggies/ zip lock bags with items they thought were essential for those in their area. I loved that idea so much that I created a few “blessing bags” myself to give out as I saw fit. And because the urge to do this always strikes during this time of year, I thought I would share what my “blessing bags” look like for this year.

My bags are basic, but hopefully a blessing nonetheless, when given to someone in need. I typically include:

1.      Some type of wipes (Clorox, wet wipes)

2.    Kleenex packs

3.    Crackers (both salty and sweet…)

4.    Fruit snacks

5.     Cash (about $3-5 dollars)

6.    A sticky note with a short message like “God Bless”

There are so many other things that could be included like chapstick or chewing gum. Really, the options are endless.

...just a simple way to be a blessing to others...

Have you made these before? What types of things do you include?

Thanks for reading! J


  1. Wow!!! This is such a great idea. I need to do something like this too. Are you going to give them to a local church?

    1. Hi Cbell! I actually give these out on the when people have a sign asking for food...

  2. Love this! My mom and a friend of mine did these during thanksgiving! They were great! Love the idea!