Thursday, December 5, 2013

Oh friends...

Is anybody still purging, as in cleaning out and getting rid of the unneeded and unwanted items in your home? This is our fifth and final installment of purging in preparation for the holidays so if you missed any, check out the first one here.

I’ll tell you, it hasn’t been easy to find the time to purge, so I’ve had to make time to tackle the two areas I highlight each week.  It feels good to pare down and have quality items to bless other people with through giving away and donating. I’m proud that my house has lost weight! {But for the record, my house is still not skinny! Ha!}

Our last two areas for this series are:  Shirts & Accessories

If you have any neat ways to store and organize these items {like belts or earrings} please share. I know there are some creative and effective ideas out there! And….if you’ve participated in this purging series at all, let us know how you did!

Happy Purging!


  1. So I am slowly but surely purging. Its taking me forever though! I have gone through all of the everything under the sink in the bathroom cabinets, socks and my "junk closet." Next are sweaters! My plan it to have all of my purging done before the new year. Wish me luck :-)

    Oh and one more thing, an easy way to keep up with and separate your accessories is to put each set in a small ziplock bag. That was a huge help for me. Also for those long necklaces, get a styrofoam board, stick some fun looking push pins in it and hang them there!

  2. Oh man, that under the sink area is something! And just when I think I have it all organized, in due time, I have to do it again! I'm so glad you're making progress and good luck with the rest! You might just have it done sooner than you think! :)

    LOVE those tips on organizing and separating accessories! I might have to use that zip loc method for my daughter's hair bows! Thanks for sharing!