Thursday, October 31, 2013

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? The process of decking the halls, giving gifts, holiday meals, and generally being merry? Of course, the true joy of Christmas has little to do with the things I just mentioned and everything to do with Jesus...

Christmas always seems to bring more. More fellowship, more food, more time off, and inevitably, more stuff. Even if you don’t receive a lot of tangible gifts for Christmas, chances are someone in your house does {like your children} and if you don’t have any children, you’re probably buying many things for other people’s children, which means you have to have somewhere to store those gifts until the big day.

Because Thanksgiving seems to be the kick-off for the Christmas season, I thought it would be nice to do a purging process in preparation for Christmas. Here’s why. If you are already busting at the seams with stuff, what are you going to do once you have more? Also, purging requires you to go through your things, which allows you to see what you already have. Don’t request more silver hoop earrings when you already have 8 pair that look just alike. If once going through your underwear drawer, you realize you only have 5 decent pair, then maybe put that on your Christmas list. You get the idea.

Starting today {Thursday, Oct. 31st}, there are 5 weeks until Thanksgiving. Each Thursday until then, I will post 2 areas of focus for us to purge and organize. My goal is to work on those 2 areas that week and be ready for 2 new areas the following Thursday. By Thanksgiving, we will have 10 areas under our belts hopefully creating a little more breathing room in our homes.
Will this require work? Yes. Will I have to sacrifice time to do this that I normally spend doing other things? Yes. Am I excited about going into the holiday season with less stuff and a clear idea of what I have and don’t have. YES!
Are you in? If so, please leave a comment and say, “I’m in!”
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention our first 2 areas of focus…

Books and Shoes!

 Now, if you don’t have many books in your house then maybe you can skip this one or at least organize the books you do have. We have TONS of books in our house and garage that need to be pared down. And ladies, I know it’s popular to think we’re supposed to have a lot of shoes, but really, if you aren’t wearing them, if they hurt your feet, or are out of style, donate them. This might be the best time of year to do this too because having just concluded warm days, you know which sandals need to be retired and what boots you know you aren’t going to wear this winter.

 I’m excited! Happy purging!


  1. I am all in! The hardest part is getting started (which I have not done by the way).

  2. This is a wonderful thing I struggle with is letting things go....I always say to myself I'm probably going to need it next year ...and then that year comes and I never wear it..and this means that it needs to go..I do need to give some more shoes away and maybe even throw out my old magazines that I haven't read in months ...but I just have the thought in the back of my mind telling me you're going to need them later...I will start with shoes that are too small...because I don't think they will be getting any smaller anytime soon