Wednesday, November 20, 2013

During our second purging session, we tackled jackets and coats. While I was in my coat closet, I realized I had a bit of a scarf problem. Not that I had too many, just that they weren’t stored or organized in the most effective way.

Initially, I had them draped across a pant/skirt hanger which worked fine, for the most part, but once I saw some white space in my closet after parting with some old coats, I wanted more...more white space! The scarves hanging on the hanger took up too much space so I needed something different.

I am a big fan of those command hooks {like these}. In fact, I already have two hanging in my coat closet and I have them scattered throughout the house. I probably have at least one in every room. At first, I thought another command hook could do the trick, but reality quickly set in. I definitely needed a hook, but I needed something bigger…something deep enough to hold many scarves that I could attach to the wall. I did a quick google search {because that’s what you do when you’re in doubt about something} and came across this great blog that talks about using drape tie backs as hooks for organizing scarves and such. BINGO! Off to Target I went.
Originally, I was going to get a standard coat hook because it seemed long enough to hold scarves, but ultimately I decided to get these curtain tie back hooks. I wasn’t quite ready or willing to drill into my wall so I knew I needed some command strips to keep the hooks in place. I don’t mind the white backing of the strip showing, as long as my scarves are nice and neat and easy to get to.

And now, they are!

How do you organize your scarves?


  1. I think this is a great idea.......I am more of a color coordinated you could even organize your scarves based on that or even patterns versus solid colors.....I actually just have my scarves stuffed in a few different I will use your tip and try to get more organized

  2. LOL! My scarves are organized based on frequency of wear, but I love the idea of colors vs. solids! Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  3. Oooohhhh! Great idea! What cal I do about my belts! They are all over the place?