Thursday, November 14, 2013

Is it just me, or does it seem that Thursdays keep rolling around back to back? I mean, it seems like I just did a post about our purging process in preparation for the holidays like two days ago, and yet, here we go again!  

How’s it going, by the way? Have you been purging away? I have to agree with the commenter who said that the hardest part is getting started. Oh, yes it is! But I must say, this is a running theme in my life. I put things off because they seem too hard. I procrastinate because it seems like it will take me forever to make it perfect, so I don’t act. Oh, but when I do… when I stop procrastinating, avoiding, and putting things off…once I actually get started, I am ALWAYS pleasantly surprised at how quickly I am able to get things done. If you’ve been dragging your feet during this purging process, do yourself a favor and just do it! Really, you’ll feel better once you’ve gotten something done.

I’ve been purging each area for myself and my kids {I’ll go back and tackle the hubs' area later} and for each area, I’ve maybe spent an hour…total. Not bad if you ask me! I was hanging up coats in the closet last week, and said to myself, "Take a few minutes and pull out the coats you know you aren't going to wear anymore."  So, I did! My husband and I got a good laugh out of some of the old leather that was hiding in there!

Is your house getting skinny? Last week, I was happy to report that my house lost weight, and this week was no different. I can actually see the bottom of my drawers now! Whew…it’s been a long time since I was able to do that! Were you surprised at the things you’ve been holding on to? I had about 10 pairs of toe socks! Remember those? Toe socks people. Wait, they are out of style, right?

Thanksgiving is two Thursdays away so let’s keep working! The two areas of focus this week are:
Bottoms {jeans, pants, etc.} and Sweaters!

It’s definitely jeans, boots, and sweater season so before you go buy anything, take inventory of what you already have!
Happy purging!


  1. You are so right about getting started....I think it's important to set time aside and say today I am going to clean so is very hard for me to let things go because I always feel that I may need it in the future....but I guess when you haven't worn something in 2 to 3 years you might as well let it go...and I definitley need to throw out my toe socks because I never liked how they separated each toe anyways.....I still have a lot of purging to I have to get my mind right

  2. Ok, glad I'm not alone with the toe socks! Yes, setting aside time is very important. You could even set a timer and spend a certain amount of time on a certain area each day until you reach your goal. Baby steps make a world of difference. I am with you on being reluctant to let things go because you "might" need it one day. I've forced myself to get out of this type of there's lack...when and if I need something again that I once had, I'll have the means to get it again and probably a better, more up to date version! :)