Monday, November 11, 2013

I’ll admit… I’m feeling a little behind on my Christmas shopping already! I like being prepared and since Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I don’t have many gifts stashed away yet, I’m almost about to feel rushed. But…I have laid the ground work {thanks gift notes} and should be able to knock things out fairly quickly…once I get the ball rolling.

Today, I’m sharing the budget sheet I use to keep my spending in check and I’m also sharing a sheet I use for price comparisons.

Do you shop online? I do…ALL THE TIME and it is one of my favorite ways to shop for anything! I love that I can compare prices at different stores and also search for online coupon codes that save me extra money. I also started using Ebates and Swagbucks and this has earned me free money. Yes, free money. Not even kidding. You have to sign up and then you go through either site, Ebates or Swagbucks to shop from your favorite retailer. You will earn a percentage back from shopping {it varies by store} and once you’ve accumulated a certain amount, you get money back! For real! Sign up for Ebates here and Swagbucks here. {These are my referral links. I get points if anyone signs up through my link. You can totally just skip my link, but if you shop online, I certainly would sign up for one of them! You're literally losing money if you don't!}
How do you keep your spending under control during the holiday season? Please share any excel sheets or planning guides you find useful.

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  1. There is nothing like earning free money....I just did a little online shopping and I was so exctied to get it in the mail and try some of the things on....this Christmas I am just keeping a price limit in my mind and I am finding gifts that match that price...I have already started Christmas shopping and I am actually almost done.... so you better get to it ,,,you still have a month left