Thursday, October 24, 2013

So, about that apple recipe… I went back and forth on what to make and finally decided on making Apple Butter! Have you ever heard of that? I had not…I mean, I have seen various recipes online and read other blogs raving about it, but it always seemed odd to me. What exactly would I do with this Apple Butter if I did make it! Well, let me share some things with you since I did indeed make a small batch yesterday. {I was only able to make half this recipe because 3 of my apple went missing...}

First, while I still don’t know exactly what I’m supposed to do with it, let me just say that it is soooo good! Maybe it’s more like a jam (?) than butter, but either way, if you have a crock pot and like sweets (think apples, cinnamon, and sugars) then you should give this a try. Like, you’ll probably want to make a big batch and give some away to people. It’s really good.

There are many versions of this recipe online, but I followed this one with only a few minor adaptions. See my slightly adjusted recipe below.

*6 sliced, peeled, and cored Golden Delicious apples (the type of apple affects how sweet this turns out...but try it using your favorite apples and adjust your sugars accordingly)
*1/2 cup white sugar
*1/2 cup brown sugar
*2 1/2- 3 tsp. cinnamon (we love cinnamon)
*2 teaspoons vanilla extract
*good pinch of nutmeg
*good pinch of apple pie spice
*dash of salt

Place all ingredients in crock pot and cook on low for about 10 hours. Stir occasionally. Once about done, you can remove from crock pot and puree if you prefer a smoother consistency. I simply mashed mine and enjoyed it that way.

The smell alone makes you smile! Envision a chilly day with your flannel pajamas on and the people you love most close by and getting ready to watch a movie or play a game, or do whatever it is your family does…this will remind you of that. Even if your family has never actually done anything like this, it will take you to that scene in a movie that reminds everyone of home. And since I’m in the season of my life where I’m {hopefully} helping my children make positive memories in our home, I love that this recipe entices the nose as much as the taste buds.

What are you favorite apple recipes?

 I put all my ingredients in the crockpot...remember, this is only half the recipe.

A few hours later...really, really good! Spread it on bread, rolls, toast, or crackers...even a crescent roll...if you're fancy like me... with whip cream on top! Hello!


  1. Wow I never knew you knew how to make apple butter. I love apple butter. My teammate from college first introduced it to me when we were at Cracker Barrel ....and ever since then I always request it when I go there....I put it on my biscuits and it is delicious....I bet it is tasty on crescent roll too :-)

    1. I will have to get it from Cracker Barrel next time I'm there. I had never heard of it until recently and my recipe is the first time I've ever tasted it. I heard they even sell it in the grocery store! Who knew?